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How It Works

Roseroot Dental Care Plan for the Uninsured: How It Works

The basic structure of this plan is very simple. While it is not insurance, this plan provides welcome relief in the form of lower costs to you, the member. By signing onto the plan, you receive a discounted rate for dental wellness services. Once you are a member of the Roseroot Dental Care Plan you will be assured that:

    • Your savings will increase as more of your fellow employees or family become members.
    • A low annual fee covers the Included Diagnostic and Preventative Care Plan Services. This fee shall be paid at the time of enrollment.
    • Custom payment arrangements will be offered so Discounted Dental Services can be tailored to fit your budget.
    • Alternative low or no interest payment options can be made available through CareCredit financing.
    • You will immediately enjoy a savings at your next checkup, cleaning or other services.
  • You, your family and other group members will receive these added benefits:
      • No waiting period. You can start using the plan immediately.
      • No deductibles
      • No yearly maximums or age restrictions
      • No treatment limitations
      • No Missing Tooth Clause Restrictions
      • Cosmetic Dentistry is included


This plan is completely portable: Once you sign up, you and your other family members can continue to use this plan regardless of changes in employment or marital status.


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