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A Smart Choice for Your Dental Wellness

For whatever reason, you are not covered by a dental insurance program. Because of this, managing dental care on a budget is challenging and often budget concerns tend to inhibit you from seeking excellent dental care. So we ask you:

Why should affordable dental care be only available to the insured?

The Roseroot Dental Care Plan was designed to solve this problem. This plan, which actually is not an insurance plan, offers direct price breaks for procedures performed by the highly skilled and technologically savvy Dr. Roseroot.

This plan allows you to take advantage of all the advanced services and technology offered at Roseroot Dental. Through this plan necessary treatments are more accessible and affordable and the best preventative care and dentistry are brought to you, at less cost!

So, if you’ve been holding off on seeing the dentist or getting a check-up, we hope this plan offers you a new form of motivation.

The price breaks offered here can’t be beaten. There are no waiting periods for any of our services, so as soon as you join you will immediately enjoy savings at your next checkup, cleaning or other services.

This and many more benefits makes dollars and sense to join the Roseroot Dental Care Plan – the smart choice for your dental wellness.

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